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The Best Cover For Displaying Galaxy S8’s Brilliant Screen

* Sleek flip case for your Samsung Galaxy S8+
* Clear cover allows you to answer calls and silence alarms while closed
* Includes built-in kickstand for watching videos and other hands-free activities

Keep your phone protected throughout the day with this tough yet beautifully designed phone cover. Offering all around protection and access to your phone’s most important functions without needing to open the cover, the Samsung Galaxy S-View Flip Case is one of the sleekest phone covers available for the S8+.

Installing your phone into the case is as easy as popping it into the plastic surround. Once inside, your phone is protected from every direction, but the clear cover provides you with a view of the time, date, incoming notifications and battery life.

The clear cover also helps to protect your phone’s battery life by turning the display to sleep whenever it is closed. However, this intelligent case still allows you to answer incoming calls and deal with alarms and timers without opening the cover.

In addition, you’ll have a range of stylish colors to choose from, including matte black, gold, red, blue and silver.

For media fans, the built in kickstand provides a great way to watch your favorite movies or video chat with your friends. With a few simple folds of the front cover, your phone can be set in the landscape orientation to free up your hands.

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