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A Case That Doesn’t Detract From Your Phone’s Natural Beauty

* A two-piece phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S8+
* Adds extra cover and color to the phone without covering its sleek design
* Available in a variety of colors for an individual look

Add some individuality to your smartphone with this unique two-piece phone case. Capable of protecting your phone’s edges from unwanted scratches and impacts, this minimal case only adds to the phone’s already sharp appearance by providing some color.

Unlike most one piece covers, this unusual design is made up from two separate pieces that fit over the top and bottom of your Galaxy S8+. The cover ends use adhesive-free suction to attach to your smartphone and provide you with an appealing gadget.

You’ll also find a wide range of available colors, and apart from the all black and all purple, most sets are comprised of one color on top and another on the bottom. This will further add to your phone’s new playful look.

The smart thing about this phone “bikini” is that it allows you to still see all of the stunning elements of the original phone. Most phone cases cover the smartphone’s elegant design.

Fitting your case is simple. After making sure the surfaces of your smartphone are clean, simply remove the protective film and align each piece with its correct end, applying pressure to make sure it’s firmly attached.

If you have been searching for a case to enhance the look of your smartphone without covering the original phone design, the Samsung S8+ two-piece cover is just the case you have been looking for. By adding eye-catching elements and a protective layer at either end, your phone will look great and feel great.

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