This Gaming Laptop is Awkwardly Named but Brutally Fast

Designed for Performance, this Gaming Laptop
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* VR-ready graphics card
* Overclockable unlocked Intel Core i7 processor
* Designed with live streaming in mind

This Asus gaming laptop was designed to perform. With an overclockable Intel Core i7-7820K processor and top-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, the Asus Rog G701VI OC Edition may not have the prettiest name but, like Han Solo’s famous spaceship, it’s got it where it counts.

A relative performance bargain, this 17” gaming laptop may be the Subaru WRX or Chevy Corvette of computers. An on-board Intel Thunderbolt connection delivers ultra high-speed data and graphics transferral — with up to 20 Gbit/sec, it rates as nearly twice as fast as USB 3.1.

Asus Gaming Laptop


While designed with the endurance and computing performance needs of serious gameplay in mind, the Asus Rog G701VI is also adept at video editing, photo editing and music production tasks, which require high bandwidth and fast CPU performance.

The built-in keyboard features an ergonomic design for quick typing and an anti-ghosting feature as well. Designed for optimal streaming performance, this gaming laptop features a lifetime XSplit license and a dedicated XSplit Gamecaster key.

Like a fast car, a laptop can only perform well when it can keep cool, and the G701VI has a number of cooling system upgrades built in, including dedicated modules for the CPU and GPU, and a dust release funnel for the radiator.

An NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card delivers stunning visual rendering performance and allows immersive adventure and MMORPG games to appear as their developers intended. The GeForce graphics card is also VR ready, which means this gaming laptop is ready to display 360-degree video and images.

These Pascal-powered virtual reality experiences are up to three times smoother than previous generation gaming laptops were able to deliver, letting you experience the latest in low-lag VR verisimilitude. With a whole array of new games entering the VR space this year, this makes a strong case for the Asus Rog G701VI as a contender in the gaming laptop market. Now, if only they could do something about the name.

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