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Temper Your Fears of Dropping Your iPad With This Screen Protector

* Tempered glass
* Scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint
* Stylus included with protector

The beauty and convenience of an iPad is often coupled with an underlying fear: what if I drop it?

To assay such fear, people will often wrap their iPad in a bulky case. However, this takes away from the beautiful simplicity of design that Steve Jobs intended. So how can one feel safe and yet at the same time maintain the beauty of their iPad? One simple solution is to use a tempered glass screen protector. 


The tempered glass screen protector from Mc Loj is only 0.3mm thick, making this protector one of the thinnest on the market. This means that you will hardly notice it once you lay down this bubble resistant screen protector on your iPad. The protector also is 99.98% transparent. It’s not only ultra-thin, it is also ultra-clear so your beautiful retina screen will remain sharp to the eye. The clarity and thinness of this screen protector make it ideal for the iPad, but the added benefit that this protector is made from tempered glass makes it perfect.

Many screen protectors on the market are just a flimsy piece of plastic film stuck to the screen, which really doesn’t protect at all. However, tempered glass screen protectors protect in two ways. First, the glass screen protector is scratch resistant. You won’t have to worry about your keys brushing up against that retina screen or something else scratching it. Second, the tempered glass protector also functions as a shock absorber. This means when you do have that unfortunate fall or slip up, the protector will be the first line of defense in protecting your screen. As shock reverberates across the screen, the protector functions by helping to absorb much of the shock and remove it from the screen itself. Oftentimes, this means that the protector will indeed shatter into tiny pieces of glass which are not sharp at all, but the iPad screen itself underneath will be just fine.

The Mc Loj  glass screen protector for iPad is also fingerprint resistant and includes a free stylus. Use this protector and have another layer of protection on your beautiful iPad.

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