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Google’s Brand New Pixel 6A Smartphone Has Been Out for a Month and It’s Already On Sale

We’ve got a new deal duo for fans of the Google Pixel product ecosystem. And if you need a new budget smartphone or wireless earbuds, then these discounts are the perfect opportunity to save.

The Google Pixel 6a is the latest smartphone in Google’s lineup. Unlike the Pixel 6, the 6a is Google’s budget model, and even though it just launched on July 28, it’s already seeing an 11% discount on Amazon (savings of $50). That’s not a bad deal, especially for a brand-new phone. And what do you need for a new phone? Earbuds. That’s right: The Pixel Buds Pro are also 13% off (savings of $25). While these aren’t the biggest savings in terms of percent off, it’s rare to see discounts on brand new products like these.

You can pick up both the Pixel 6a and the Google Buds Pro from Amazon and take advantage of Prime shipping for both. If you’re in the market for a new phone with some accessories to boot, it’s hard to beat this deal.

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John Velasco | SPY

What We Love About the Pixel 6a

SPY recently reviewed the Google Pixel 6a, and we rated it as one of the top affordable smartphones of the year. Like the iPhone SE for Apple users, the 6a offers the most important features of Google’s flagship phone but at a much more affordable price point.

The Pixel 6a strikes a balance between power and affordability. It’s one of Google’s more budget-friendly phones at the original price of $450, but with this sale, it’s even more appealing. With the Tensor Chip driving most of the processing, the Pixel 6a is speedy enough to handle most any task.

You don’t have to worry much about the battery, either. The special Adaptive Battery learns which apps you use most often and focuses power on those, rather than wasting time powering apps you don’t use. This gives it the potential to last for over 24 hours on a single charge.

The robust security protocols keep your data safe, while the IP67 rating means you don’t have to worry about your phone getting a little wet or dusty; perfect for those times when you’re trying to snag the perfect photo with the Pixel 6a’s excellent camera.

  • Pixel 6a originally $449, now just $399
  • 11% off the original price
  • Instant savings of $50
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John Velasco | SPY

What We Love About the Google Buds Pro

The Pixel Buds Pro are a solid competitor to Apple’s AirPods and come with a seal that helps you block out outside noise (like a crying baby on a plane or your neighbor’s dog that just won’t stop barking.)

What’s most impressive about these is the battery life. Google says you can get up to 11 hours of listening time on a single charge, with 31 total hours if you include the charging case. As a bonus, you can charge the case wirelessly. If you’re out and about, Transparency mode will help you stay tuned in to other sounds so you can stay aware of your surroundings.

You also get full access to Google Assistant, which is helpful if you’re traveling and can’t figure out which way to go. Ever been lost in the middle of New York? Google can give directions.

The Pixel Buds Pro also seamlessly switch from phone to laptop to fit your workflow.

  • Pixel Buds Pro originally $200, now just $175
  • 13% off the original price
  • Instant savings of $25
  • Free shipping for Prime members
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