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The Google Pixel Tablet Doubles As the Ultimate Smart Home Hub

The Google Pixel Tablet has been expected for a while, and today’s Made by Google event confirmed that it’s on the way. The tablet itself has been teased for a while, and we got our first look at it today. The Pixel Tablet is powered by the Google Tensor chip, and it packs all the power and features you expect from a Pixel into a much larger screen.

The Pixel Tablet has at least one front-facing camera and a camera on the back. Like other Pixel devices, it features the Material You design scheme. You can customize the colors of the tablet to fit your personal style. It also has a “nano ceramic” coating that gives it a soft feel, and best of all, the tablet is made using recycled materials — just like the rest of Google’s products.

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Courtesy of Google

Google calls it the “perfect companion to your phone and all your smart home devices.” The event is still ongoing, but here are the main takeaways about the Pixel Tablet.

The tablet runs on Android and supports both a stylus and split-screen apps, putting it in the same arena as the iPad Pro. Although Google didn’t name specific apps, eagle-eyed viewers can see a few in the montage.

The Tensor G2 chip is said to bring the best features of the Pixel 7 over to the larger screen, ensuring seamless performance in both photography and video calls.

However, the most outstanding feature is the pairing dock for the Pixel Tablet. It keeps your tablet charged and holds it at the perfect angle for viewing at a table. It kind of resembles a Nest Home Hub, but with a removable screen that you can carry around the house with you as needed. The dock also acts as a speaker and amplifier, allowing you to play music throughout the room from the dock, rather than from the Pixel Tablet speakers.

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Courtesy of Google

In true keeping with that theme, it’s designed to provide that same level of smart home functionality as a Nest Hub. Users can easily dock or undock the tablet as needed, and it works seamlessly with other Pixel devices. Although the docking mechanism wasn’t shown in detail, it looked to use a sort of magnetic locking function.


Google Pixel Tablet Pricing and Availability

Google didn’t share a ton of details, but the Pixel Tablet is coming sometime next year. Google didn’t give us a price or exact specifications, but promised that more information will come out as the release date approaches.


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