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First Look: Google Pixel Watch Is a Stunning Timepiece Work of Art

Apple, you better watch out. Even before it was officially unveiled at the Made by Google event, we all got our first sneak peek at the Google Pixel Watch at Google I/O 2022 back in May. Now that it’s been revealed in more detail, we’re salivating over its premium, stylish design that makes the square watch face of the Apple Watch look boring.

It’s also priced to take on the Apple Watch Series 8, which at $349 starting for the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi version of the Pixel Watch, makes for a convincing argument since it’s featuring some of Fitbit’s staple features. If you’re already salivating at the opportunity, you can place a pre-order right now.

Google Pixel Watch Family Lineup

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Before we dive into all the cool stuff we love about the Google Pixel Watch, here’s a brief overview of what’s most important about it.

  • Comes in stainless steel, black, and gold
  • Bands attach much like a camera lens on a camera body
  • First Wear OS experience with Fitbit
  • All-day battery life up to 24 hours
  • Fitbit’s most accurate heart rate tracking
  • Fall detection is coming in 2023
  • Comes with six month of Fitbit Premium service
  • $349 for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, $400 for LTE
  • Pre-orders start today

What We Love About the Google Pixel Watch

The minimalism of the Google Pixel Watch is a sight to behold. There’s this fashionable quality about its design that makes puts us into this hypnotic spell just looking at it. From the rotating crown to its edge-to-edge face design, the Pixel Watch is a work of art that few other smartwatches can match. In all fairness, it should be on your list for the best Christmas gifts this holiday season.

For a brand new smartwatch, there are plenty of way to customize its look to make it your own. In fact, there will be 20 bands that will be made available, which attach to the Pixel Watch much like how a camera lens fastens onto the body of a camera. It should be interesting, which we’re eager to check for ourselves. And of course, there’s the lovely OLED display that seamlessly goes from edge to edge.

Google Pixel Watch Bands

This is also notable for being the first Wear OS powered smartwatch to run the Fitbit’s superior health tracking. Whether you’re looking to track your fitness activity during workout, to understanding why you may be tired in the morning with its sleep tracking, the Pixel Watch carries nearly everything people love about Fitbit’s fitness trackers. Even better, it’s claimed to offer the most accurate heart tracking and comes included with six months of Fitbit Premium.

Google Pixel Family 2022 2

And finally, we’re stoked to experience the new interface and how it works together with Google’s other new devices. For example, they showed how you could now easily access some of your favorite smart home gadgets through the Google Home app.


Pricing and Availability

You can place a pre-order for the Google Pixel Watch right now for $349.99. That’s for the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi version, but the LTE version with cellular connectivity is only $349.99. These prices aren’t too shabby given the premium look and combined Fitbit experiences. We just hope it can functionally match what the Apple Watch is able to do.

Editor’s note: It was previously mentioned as $399, but it has been corrected to reflect is $350.

Google Pixel Watch Pricing

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