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This Insulated Phone Case Will Keep Your Phone From Shutting Down When It’s Extremely Hot or Cold

* This case stops your phone from shutting down in extreme temperatures
* It sports an insulating layer which is also resistant to impacts
* It’s ideal for scorching temps at the beach or sub-freezing days on the slopes

If you’ve ever been faced with the message, “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it” or something similar, you can fully appreciate the annoying problem Lisa Lambert experienced during her vacation in the scorching temperatures of Arizona. An overheating phone is a completely useless one. So, she decide to solve the problem and invented the Climate Case Insulated Phone Case.

Made for extremely high and low temperatures alike, this “Goldilocks” phone case is designed to keep your phone at just the right temperature for several hours, no matter where you are. The design sports an insulating feature with 8 individual layers to keep the extreme hot and cold well away from your phone inside. Simply prepare the phone case for the extreme temperatures ahead of time by microwaving it or freezing it (without your phone inside!) to counteract the effects of the impending temperature change.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

Whether you’re heading out for a day on the slopes, hiking across the highest peaks or even just chilling by the pool for the day, this protective case will ensure it’s not the temperature that leaves you phone-less. The case can also help out when unforeseen extreme temperatures are encountered. Simply place the overheating/freezing phone into the case and within minutes it will return to a usable state.  

The case is made from a durable neoprene material and is capable of housing phones of all sizes. It’s also a great place to put headphones, bluetooth devices and power banks to prevent them from being damaged by extreme temps.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

Furthermore, the case also comes with a handy carabiner to attach to bags, buckles and other points for easy transporting. On the backside of the case, you’ll also find a hidden pocket, which is great for storing cards, cash and other smaller essentials.

In addition, the case is available in a number of plain and colorful designs, allowing you to choose the right one for you.

So, next time you’re heading out to the beach for the day, don’t get caught without a functioning phone in the midday heat. Simply slip it inside this handy case and enjoy use throughout the day.


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