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Protect Your Eyes and Brain During Those Late Work Nights — Here’s How to Block Blue Light

* How to keep from getting the blue light blues
* From eye-friendly screen protectors to special monitors
* Plus how to protect your eyes from indoor UV

According to scientists, we’ve been embarking on unprecedented blue light experiments over the last two decades or so. As with many new technologies, it takes a while to be sure what the long-term effects on human health may be, especially since we spend an enormous fraction of our time staring at screens that emit wavelengths rarely found in nature.

In the last few years we’ve been hearing rumblings about the effects of blue light and the potential benefits of blocking blue light. The truth is the effects of blue light are mixed — it can both be beneficial and detrimental to our health depending on how much of it we are exposed to. Some research suggests that excess blue light exposure can lead to sleep disturbances, increased stress and even premature loss of visual acuity. The potential benefits of blocking blue light include better eye health, deeper sleep, proper mental recovery and increased energy levels.

Blue light is, however, also necessary for proper cognitive function as proper exposure during the day can regulate your circadian rhythm and boost alertness and memory function. Too much blue light exposure late at night disrupts your body’s sleep cycle, but work schedules sometimes demand working after the sun has gone down. How can we block blue light while we’re working? There are a number of remedies we’ve highlighted below that will enable you to put those hours of screen time without the negatives.

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Here are some of the best to block blue light.


1. UBUJI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Everyone’s go-to blue light blocking tool? Glasses. These blue light blocking glasses from UBUJI block 90% of blue light coming off of your various screens. They also filter 100% of harmful ultraviolet ray radiation so the average person, who spends seven hours in front of computers a day, will be covered. Give your eyes a break from the strain, squinting and harsh light exposure with these sleek and stylish glasses. These classic frames are made with high-quality TR-90 material and fit both male and female faces. Plus at $20 a pop they’re super affordable.

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2. Laptop Blue Light Screen Protector

This laptop screen protector just got a blue light upgrade with a seven-layer design equipped with UV400 and radiation protection that relieves the eye fatigue and helps you sleep better. It’s a thin sticker that sticks to your screen but won’t leave residue behind when you take it off and the press-installation is easy to do without leaving bubbles behind. Protect your eyes and prevent strain with this invisible, anti-scratch barrier that doubles as a protective laptop screen protector.

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3. Eye Care Touchscreen Monitor

Of course, screen protectors are an easy step to blocking blue light, but if you want to get serious about customizing your setup for eye protection, try a monitor. This one from Asus can reduce blue light issues and is designed with an “eye care” feature that has flicker-free backlighting (which prevents eye strain and headaches) along with a built-in blue light filter. You can also adjust its position to minimize neck strain while working.

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4. Warby Parker Felix Blue Light Glasses

Any pair of eyeglasses at Warby Parker can be made with blue light filtering lenses. We love this Felix pair’s shape for men’s faces, and it comes in a few different colors including this Chamomile Fade. These are hand-polished and made with Akulon-coated screws for added durability. Warby Parker gives you the option to try on lenses at home and see which ones fit your face the best before ordering them with your prescription and blue light blocking capabilities. Their blue light filtering lenses are scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and block 100% of UV rays coming off of screens.

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Courtesy of Warby Parker


5. Felix Gray Kepler Blue Light Glasses

Felix Gray specializes in blue light filtering lenses in a variety of styles and widths for men and women’s faces. These 50’s frames are given a modern twist with a playful and artful design. These come in two different colors including this Sazerac Crystal turtle shell-type look and a solid black option. They’re unisex so you can share them with your girlfriend, wife or partner easily. Finally, they’re made of high-quality metal and acetate materials to ensure they last you a while.

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Courtesy of Felix Gray


$20 Gets You Glasses That Block Blue Light From Your Computer Screen Without Ugly Yellow Lenses