The Best Things To Get For Your Computer Screen To Avoid Eye Strain or Falling Asleep at Work

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* How to keep from getting the blue light blues
* From eye-friendly screen protectors to special monitors
* Plus how to protect your eyes from indoor UV

According to scientists, we’ve been embarking on an unprecedented blue light experiments over the last two decades or so. As with many new technologies, it takes a while to be sure what the long-term effects on human health may be, especially since we spend an enormous fraction of our time staring at screens that emit wavelengths rarely found in nature.

Some research suggests that excess screen time can lead to sleep disturbances, increased stress, and even premature loss of visual acuity. Other studies haven’t found evidence of widespread ill effects, but do caution that it’s important to avoid eye strain and note that higher “bluer” light can affect the circadian rhythm. Here are some of the best things you can get to help maintain youthful eyes and keep that “indoor light pollution” from messing up your sleep cycle.

1. Anti-Fatigue Screen Protector

This hard, durable anti-scratch screen protector has the added benefit of filtering harmful artificial blue light, while preserving your monitor’s high definition and visible colors.

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2. Bluelight Filter

This effective anti blue light filter is easy to install and comes in a variety of sizes to suit different computer models, including for the ubiquitous 2015+ Macbook Pro and the Google Chromebook.

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3. PC Monitor Screen Protector

Designed for use on home and office wide-screen monitors, this screen protector transmits color faithfully while blocking out the near-ultraviolet light in the 380-495 nm range.

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4. Eye Care Touchscreen Monitor

Of course screen protectors are an easy step to blocking blue light, but if you want to get serious about customizing your set up for eye protection and to reduce blue light issues, this monitor is designed with an “eye care” feature that has flicker-free backlighting (which prevents eye strain and headaches) and a built-in blue light filter. You can also adjust its position to minimize neck strain while working.

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5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Another option for blocking out blue light is by wearing light-blocking eye glasses while you work. Not only do they help preserve your eyes from outdoor sun damage, they help protect from indoor fluorescent and screen light as well.

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