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Security Counsel: How to Choose a Safe Password

* Experts estimate roughly 80-90 million cyber attacks each year
* More often than not, these attacks target outdated systems and weak passwords
* Password managers generate stronger passwords and keep track of your various files

You can never be too safe these days. With an estimated 80-90 million cases of cybersecurity events a year, the first step toward protecting your private information is using a better password.

When it comes to picking a password, experts recommend never using the same password more than once. Unfortunately, keeping up with 20+ different passwords is easier said than done. Luckily, there are encrypted services that not only generate random passwords, they also store your various passwords in one easy-to-access location.

If you think your password game could use a boost, check out these four services.

1. LastPass

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LastPass records and stores your various passwords inside a secure and encrypted vault. Instead of having to keep track of dozens of separate passwords, LastPass does all the heavy work for you — all you have to do is create one Master Password to access your account. Best of all, LastPass also offers cross-device functionality so you can keep your phone, desktop and laptop under a shared account.


2. 1Password

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Like LastPass, 1Password works by storing your various passwords in one encrypted location. While it works great on both Mac and PC operating systems, where 1Password really shines is in its slick and seamless interface. Generate new secure passwords, update older passwords and even set up your own list of contacts and shared users in seconds.

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3. Roboform

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This is another solid password service that works similar to the ones mentioned above with a few key differences. Unlike LastPass and 1Password, Roboform gives you two separate services to choose from. You can download a free version that works as a watered-down password storage service that offers just enough flexibility to get the job done. But if you want all the bells and whistles (including 24/7 support, shared logins, cross-platform access and more), you’ll need to upgrade your account. Trust us, it’s worth it.


Bonus: Udemy Security Course

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Now that you got your passwords covered, take the next step toward securing your network with this all-inclusive online security course. With more than 1.5 hours of on-demand video, you’ll have lifetime access to essential cybersecurity topics. From learning how to choose the right spyware service to checking your iPhone and Android app permissions and more, Udemy offers enough in-depth information to help you secure your online network and browse with peace of mind.

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