Machine Hygiene: The 5 Best Port Cleaning Brushes for Your Phone Under $10

How to Clean Phone Ports: Best
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* Protect your phone from dust and debris
* Helps ensure your phone functions at its best
* Sets for all phones models 

You’ve probably noticed that cell phones can get pretty nasty. Dust, gunk, and germs gravitate right to them like butter to a biscuit, and these contaminants can actually impact the performance, speed, and audio quality of your device. Just like plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean, they all seem to gravitate towards one spot: the plug in ports. I’m willing to bet if you looked at your phone’s port now, it’s pretty gross. How do you clean it before that junk crawls into, and ruins, your phone? With these port plugs and port cleaning brushes. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite models below to keep your device functioning at its best.

1. Tatuo Metal Anti Dust Plugs 

This set from Tatuo helps you fight the phone funk in a variety of ways. First, it gives you a set of 12 anti-dust plugs you can insert into the charging port to keep it clean until you’re ready to connect a cable. It also provides a brushes and swab to sweep out the junk that’s already there.

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2. PortPlugs USB-C Dust Plugs, 10-pack

Whether you have an Android, Google, or an Apple, this PortPlug set helps you extend your smartphones life by keeping it clean. You get 10 rigid polymer dust plugs that work in USB-C ports and block out moisture, sand, and even pocket lint. This ideal for those who use a wireless charging pad.

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3. Skylety 17-Piece Cell Phone Cleaning Kit

Want to avoid expensive phone repairs? Keep your phone port clean with these brilliant anti-static cleaners from Skylety. Unlike cotton cleaning swabs, these nylon brushes and foam swabs clean ports without leaving a trace of fiber. They also don’t build a static charge, which can attract the very filth you’re trying to keep away from your phone.

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4. PortPlugs Aluminum Anti-Dust Plug, 2-pack

If you own an iPhone 7,8 Plus or X, consider this keep-it-clean set from PortPlugs. You get 2 durable aluminum anti-dust plugs, each of which have a SIM Card tool built right in. It comes with a port cleaning brush for regular upkeep. And, you get a plug holder that attaches to your charging cable to keep your spare PortPlugs within easy reach.

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5. PortPlugs Dust Port Covers, 25-piece

Small parts can be easy to lose. But, when you have this 25-piece set of assorted port plugs and protectors, you can afford to lose a few. This set is great for any family with a variety of devices, from iPhones to Androids to tablets. You get plugs for your charging port and the headphone jack, the latter of which includes a SIM card tool. Each port protector is custom-molded to stay in place whether your phone is in your pocket, purse, car or you’re carrying it around.

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