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Gross, Out. Wipe Away Disgusting Cell Phone Germs

* Keep your digital devices clean
* Remove germs, bacteria, dirt and grime
* 2 fresh smelling fragrances

You don’t have to be a dirty talker to have a dirty cell phone. Truth is, our phones, PDAs, laptops, and the other wireless devices we can’t keep our grubby mitts off of are some of the filthiest places on earth. They’re covered in oil, grease, grime, bacteria, and germs. And, you’re putting these devices against your face with every call you answer, you’re putting yourself at risk for breakouts. Fortunately, you can clean up your devices easily with these fantastic Wireless Wipes Cell Phone Wipes.

They’re designed to clean all your devices and leave them dirt and germ free. That way, you don’t have to worry about putting billions of bacteria on your fingertips every time you type. These wipes remove all the icky stuff, and they don’t leave any streaks behind.

Not only do these wipes effectively sanitize, but they are also infused with fresh fragrances. You can choose from Rosemary Peppermint or Green Tea Cucumber, so there won’t be a harsh odor left behind.

Each package comes with 12 wipes, and they ‘re safe to use on virtually any device. Plus, they’re non-corrosive so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your favorite digital dirt collector.