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SPY Guide: How to Take a Better Selfie

* We’re all guilty of sneaking in a selfie every once in awhile
* Re-create the ideal conditions for Insta-worthy selfies every time
* From lighting to angles, here’s how to take a better selfie

Whether you want to admit it or not, most of us engage in the fine art of “self portraiture” from time to time. After all, it’s pretty hard to resist whipping out your phone and sneaking one in when you stumble into some good — and rare — lighting. If you don’t want to spend an hour searching for the right angle or taking up all of the storage space on your phone after taking 175 snap shots, these products will help you create insta-worthy pics each time.

1. Wireless Selfie Shutter

This wireless smartphone shutter allows you to take hands-free selfies with ease. Even from far distances, it’s able to take your photo with the snap of a button. It’s also equipped with a wristband to reduce the effects of shaky hands.

Pro Tip: Face the light when taking an outdoor shot. If you’re stumped, your car is often a good spot for catching insta-worthy lighting.

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2. Flashback-Free Foundation

When you’re trying to snap a flawless selfie, the last thing you want is the dreaded ‘flashback’ caused by your foundation or your SPF. Flashback results in a white cast on the face when flash photography is used, giving you a ghastly look in which your face appears shades lighter than your body and neck. Wet n’ Wild’s new photo focus foundation is SPF free and has been tested under 7 different lighting conditions to ensure you’re camera-ready in any setting. It’s infused with a light-diffusing complex to give you a soft focus look and prevent white casts, even in low light settings.

Pro Tip: According to a recent study by Yahoo Labs, using certain filters on your pictures really does impact how they’re received (read: your like count and engagement). Filters that increase warmth, contrast, and exposure like Valencia, Mayfair, and Hefe will apparently yield the best response.


3. Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Taking selfies or Instagram stories for any prolonged period of time can result in sore arms, shaky hands, and straight up blurry results. This anti-gravity case allows you to mount your phone to the wall, window, or any hard surface. If you take videos or prefer SnapChat and Insta Story to still-life Insta-pics, this will be a life saver for reducing shake and keeping everything in focus.

Pro Tip: For a relaxed and effortless expression, trying lightly blowing air through your mouth before snapping this shot. This gives your mouth a more relaxed look, while also creating the illusion of a fuller pout.


4. Belfie Stick

A belfie, or butt selfie, is one of the newest crazes on social media. Butt, let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to get a flattering shot of your rear end when there isn’t someone else behind the camera. The Belfie Stick was designed specifically for this situation, with folding arms that let you get multiple different angles to flatter tush. Apparently, the idea was popular, seeing as how they’ve been sold out since last year. Fortunately, you can get the same results with a flexible selfie stick.

Pro Tip: For an ass-pirational full length belfie a la Kim K, try standing at a 3/4 look with your face glancing behind into the mirror, which gives the illusion of a bigger backside and smaller waistline.


5. #NoFilter Finishing Powder

While filters and editing apps can instantly remove slight imperfections, shiny, oily, or dull skin are tough beauty issues to fix in post. NYX’s #NoFilter pressed powder promises to give you a finish that mimics your favorite filters, without leaving your skin looking dull and flat. It helps set your makeup and contains just a hint of shimmer, giving it an illuminating effect. Pro Tip: Angle your face slightly to the side for an ultra flattering look. Most people do not benefit from taking a straight-on shot.

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Image courtesy of Target[/caption]


6. Portable Ring Light

There are plenty of portable lighting accessories on the market, but this one is one of the most advanced we’ve spotted yet. It attaches to the top of your phone, and allows you to adjust the brightness based on your environment with three different levels. Best of all, it claims to illuminate the subject of the photo while dimming out the background, so your face remains the focal point–not a messy room or busy coffee shop.

Pro Tip: Kim Kardashian likes to hold her phone just slightly above her face to make sure her features look proportionate and her cheekbones are highlighted.


7. Pooch Selfie Phone Case

Everyone knows taking a selfie with an adorable pup is one sure way to score some extra points on the gram. For those of you with camera-shy pets, get your pooch to pose with you with this clever selfie phone case. The attachable tennis ball serves as an attention-grabber for your dog, getting him or her to look directly in the camera so you can get the shot. It even has a squeaking mechanism for maximum results, and works with both front and rear facing cameras.

Pro Tip: Take your selfies using the square mode to make sure that nothing is cropped out if you plan on posting to Instagram.


8. Selfie Light Phone Case

Like a handheld vanity table, this selfie-enhancing iPhone case promises to re-create golden hour lighting (the time of day when the sun begins to set, giving your skin a flawless, lit from within look). It is designed with frontal LED lighting that you can easily switch on or off with the touch of a button. This helpful iPhone case also scores points for serving as a portable, lighted vanity mirror for on-the-go touch-ups and hair fixes–using your self-facing camera as a mirror of course.

Pro Tip: Squint. Yes, contrary to what your instinct may lead you to believe, squinting is supposedly more flattering for your selfies than a doe-eyed expression. Just don’t go overboard, or you’ll end up adding unnecessary crows feet.


9. Selfie Drone

Talk about elevating your selfie game, this selfie drone allows you to control your camera by using your phone as a remote. Simply “fly” the drone to the desired height and angle, and press the shutter through your phone to snap your pic. Ideal for action shots, this drone allows you to capture high quality selfies when in motion. It’s great for surfers, athletes, dancers, and anyone who prefers the un-posed selfie.

Pro Tip: Try taking the shot using your volume button. Yes, this secret trick can rid you of any angular woes–especially if you have a Plus iPhone model. A lengthy arm in your selfie is never a positive.

[caption id="attachment_75973" align="aligncenter" width="412"]Selfie drone amazon Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


10. A Luxe Full-Length Mirror

Gone are the days of MySpace and the dreaded mirror pic that dominated self portraiture in the mid-2000s. Not only is your bathroom plague by cringe-worthy, fluorescent lighting, but also, no one wants to see your toilet or hand towels lurking in the background either. Instead, invest in a chic full length mirror so you can show off your swanky home decor and take #OOTD photos as well.

Pro Tip: For an elongated frame, pose with subtle tricks like crossing one leg in front of the other.