SPY Guide: How to Take Better Photos on Your Smartphone

How to Take Better Smartphone Photos
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* In today’s smartphone culture, anyone can be a photographer
* Transform average smartphone pics to well-composed photos
* Most of these accessories are compatible with Android, iPhone, and Google Pixel devices

In the age of smartphones, anyone can be a photographer. Whether you’re an Instagram aficionado, or a photographer who doesn’t always want the hassle of toting around a bulky DSLR all the time, with a couple of key products and some handy tricks, you can transform a low-res smartphone pic to a well-composed photo.

These products will upgrade your smartphone images instantly, and most of them are compatible with iPhone, Android, and Google Pixel models.

1. A Stabilizing Mount

One of the biggest problems when it comes to taking a good photo on your phone is blurriness and lack of focus. This is often caused by a shaky hand or unsteady grip on your device. To avoid this problem–especially if you’re shooting a moving subject–use a mount to stabilize your phone. This bendable camera mount can be attached to any hard surface you can find, allowing you to capture a crystal clear shot.

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Acuvar Flexible Smartphone Mount



2. Lens Cleaner

If your phone pics are consistently coming out looking hazy and out of focus despite your best efforts, the problem is the result of a dirty or scratched camera lens. You can easily clean it using a professional-grade lens pen, which will gently remove trapped dust and dirt without scratching or damaging the lens. Avoid using any paper towels or napkins to wipe your lens, as their fibers can accumulate and make the problem even worse.

Lenspen lens cleaner amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

LensPen Lens Cleaner



3. Get Some Inspiration

This book will help you become a pro in taking brilliant photos with your smartphone’s camera. Author Brian Pilts reveals how to utilize your phone’s built-in (and lesser-known) settings to capture beautiful imagery.

[caption id="attachment_86262" align="aligncenter" width="267"]Take Better Smartphone Photos Book Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Macro Lens

Smartphones lenses are designed with a pretty narrow focal length compared to standard cameras, making capturing a full frame or landscape scene nearly impossible. Fortunately, you can invest in wide-angle, clip-on lens which will automatically expand your focal length, and allow you to capture a full frame without distorting your image.

Smartphone macro lens amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Zoetouch Clip-On Macro Lens


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5. Telephoto Lens

This helpful phone accessory allows you to transform your short-sighted phone into a high definition telephoto lens. Ideal for far away images or capturing precise details for a close-up shot, this detachable lens is designed with an eye piece cap, so you can use it as a telescope when you’re not taking photos.

Telephoto lens smartphone clip-on Image courtesy of Amazon

FiveFat Clip-On Telephoto Zoom Lens


6. Wireless Shutter Remote

If you’re going to use a mount or tripod, you’ll need to get a wireless shutter button to go with it — unless you’re okay with your arm blocking half the frame. This high-tech shutter remote allows you to take the photo from up to 30 feet away, and is also designed with 3 additional settings to help improve your image quality: a focus function to adjust focal length, a front/rear camera switch, and a switch that allows for video recording functions. It’s also an essential accessory for selfies and group photos. 

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7. Portable Lighting

Low lighting scenarios yield fuzzy, blurry, and grainy images. You can’t always control the light levels in your environment, but you can bring a portable lighting source to get more control. This clip-on LED spotlight allows you to choose between 3 different levels of brightness to customize your lighting and adjust to your setting. It also works well for taking portraits and product shots.

smartphone lighting amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Taousa LED Fill-In Light