The World’s First Smartphone With Hands-Free Alexa

alexa smartphone htc u11
Image courtesy Amazon

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* Always-on microphone lets you activate Alexa without tapping a button
* Includes the highest-rated smartphone camera on the market
* Comes factory unlocked, use it with any mobile carrier

As the first phone to come with hands-free Alexa functionality, the HTC U11 is proof that there’s more to life than the iPhone. The always-on microphone means Alexa is readily available to offer directions, play songs and more. You don’t have to tap any buttons — simply say her name and she’ll respond.

[caption id="attachment_58386" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]alexa smartphone htc u11 Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]

The HTC U11 earns top marks in every category, but it especially excels when it comes to taking photos. In fact, the U11 has the sole distinction of being the highest-rated smartphone camera ever made. With two separate cameras (a 16MP front-facing camera and an even more impressive 12MP rear-facing camera), the U11 offers a spectacular Optical Image Stabilization feature, impeccable UltraSpeed Autofocus and an impressive HDR Boost.

HTC’s patented edge-squeeze activation lets you open your phone’s apps, access your camera and more simply by squeezing the sides of your phone. It’s also no slouch when it comes to looks. With an impressive water/dust-resistant glass display, the HTC U11 offers a beautiful metal frame backed by an extra durable Gorilla Glass HD display.

Best of all, the U11 comes factory unlocked. That means you’re free to use it with any mobile carrier in the U.S.

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