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The Buzz Surrounding the HTC U11

* Edge Sense technology makes it easier to snap shots, open apps with simple squeeze
* Earns top marks as world’s highest-rated smartphone camera
* Comes factory unlocked and runs on Android 7

In the market for an affordable phone that incorporates a ton of great features? The U11 takes every aspect that made previous models great and expands upon them, making this the best HTC phone yet.

Patented Edge Sense technology lets you snap shots, open apps, toggle your voice assistant and more with a simple squeeze. What’s more, the sleek and stylish glass design is not only easy on the eyes, it’s easy on the hands, too. The elegant curved frame comes in three beautiful colors and provides an extra layer of comfort and is also water and dust-resistant.  

You may not realize it, but the HTC U11 wins top marks as the world’s highest-rated smartphone camera. That’s right, the 16MP front-facing camera and 12MP back camera include impressive Optimal Image Stabilization technology to provide clearer, sharper and generally better-than-average smartphone pics. It’s the only smartphone camera in history to earn a DxOMark 90 score. Seriously, it’s a big deal.

Usonic noise-cancelling technology automatically drowns out any and all background noise, resulting in higher quality sounds. The U11 also sports four, always-on microphones that let you capture better audio from all directions. Great for parties and other social gatherings, you can also take advantage of the Acoustic Focus feature to zero-in on your recorded shots and actually amplify the sound.

Running on the latest Android 7 operating system and incorporating a ton of new and great features, this is one phone that will make you say “iPhone who?”

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