Huawei’s Honor 8 Is a Seriously Smart Alternative to Traditional Smartphones

huawei honor 8

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* Impressive dual 12MP lenses for crystal clear photos
* High-density battery means more power and less time spent charging
* Holds up to 4GB of ram with 64GB of built-in storage

As the biggest telecom equipment manufacturer in the world, Chinese-based company Huawei has become synonymous with success. With their new Honor 8 smartphone, they’ve revolutionized just how much technology you can pack into a tiny phone.

What instantly makes this phone stand out from the crowd is its outstanding picture and video quality (not to mention the high-quality build and beautiful blue sheen). The Honor 8 includes state-of-the-art 12MP dual cameras: one is designed to capture vibrant colors while the other adds extra light and sharpness to your images. Couple that with Huawei’s Fusion Focus technology and you’re able to maintain that high level of image quality day or night.

An advanced fingerprint sensor is also included. Unlike other models, the Honor 8 is able to detect and unlock your phone in less than .04 seconds flat.

Smart Power 4 battery technology means a single charge can last nearly two days under normal usage. But even more impressive is the rechargeable battery itself — you’re able to recharge up to 50% of your phone’s battery in under 30 minutes. No other phone offers those kinds of numbers.

Running on Android’s Marshmallow 6.0 OS, the Honor 8 comes unlocked so you’re able to move between different carriers without having to worry about contracts. With 15 layers of stunning glass, a built-in screen protector and 4GB ram (with 64GB of built-in storage), the Honor 8 is one seriously impressive smartphone.

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