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Here’s Why You Need a Nucleus Intercom

* Advanced intercom system with built-in camera and voice control
* Easy-install device helps with keeping tabs on everyone in your home
* Ideal for families and friends who are spread out across the country

Designed to allow all family members and friends to stay in touch, the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom system is great for keeping connected whether you’re in the next room or across the country.

Ideal for grandparents and kids alike, this intercom system connects to your home internet via a cable or WiFi. It can also connect to other Nucleus devices, smartphones and tablets, allowing you to build a Nucleus network when it’s required. No more dialing and waiting for someone to pick up when you want to check in on the kids at home, or connect with an un-tech savvy grandparent.

With a horizontal tablet-like appearance, the Nucleus lets you choose between audio and video calls to other Nucleus devices as well as mobile devices. This function uses the responsive touch screen. Alternatively, dial your friends using just your voice with Amazon’s Alexa, the cloud-based voice service.

Furthermore, the “always on” function is a perfect way to use the Nucleus intercom as a baby monitor or a constant link to elderly family members. An instant audio and visual link, you can always see and hear what is happening at the other end of the connection using the large display screen.

For ease of placement, Nucleus comes with a built-in tabletop stand or wall mount.

The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom takes the hassle out of technology and offers everyone, whether young or old, an easy way to keep in touch. Whether it’s to keep track of the kids or staying in touch with relatives far away, Nucleus’ large screen and easy-to-use controls are a simple answer.