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This Car Phone Holder Has 13,000 Reviews For a Reason

* The highest rated car phone holder on the market
* Fits every size phone
* Patented iOttie One Touch technology for easy lock and release.

With advanced GPS and better music options, smartphones are beating car’s infotainment and navigation systems. Even high-end luxury cars have a hard time keeping up, and that’s why people are turning to car phone holders for easy access and GPS use on the go.

The iOttie One Touch 2 is the highest reviewed mountable holder on Amazon, with over 13,000 reviews. It fits all phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone Plus. It’s a must-have for all drivers in 2017.

One of the newest features is a two-inch telescopic arm that moves your phone closer to you during use, and keeps it out of the way when you’re not. It boasts a wide range of adjustability for use on any dashboard, and also utilizes iOttie’s signature One Touch lock/release so you can easily take your phone in and out of the mount. Long gone are the days of trying to hold and operate your phone while driving, or wanting to destroy your car’s clunky infotainment center.

The iOttie holder has garnered its thousands of reviews by offering high-quality construction, increased adjustability, and patented, useful features that you won’t find in similar products. If you’re in the market for a car holder, or dissatisfied with one you currently use, we recommend taking a look at the iOttie One Touch 2.

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