This iPad Dock Can Charge Up to 10 Devices at Once

iPad Dock iLuv MultiCharger-X
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* Charge up to 10 tablets simultaneously with compact charger box
* Space-efficient design is fully lockable for maximum security
* Ideal for schools and offices which use multiple tablets

Charge up your devices more efficiently with this sleek and compact multicharger. The simple shape offers a stackable unit that can hold and charge up to 10 iPad devices simultaneously. You can also manage each device with a centrally located MacBook for a time-saving solution to your tablet trouble shooting.

Designed to help schools and offices with the day-to-day organization of their high-tech aids, the Multicharger-X by iLuv provides a range of useful features. Most importantly, this box-like device will centralize the charging and syncing of your devices.

The sleek and compact box features a durable aluminium shell. There’s also a rubber coating on top to provide a slip-proof working surface for your MacBook or other items. And the two side handles along with the detachable wheels make for easy transportation.

Internally, the built-in vertical “drawer” system helps minimize space requirements and makes connecting the devices a simple affair. The iLuv multicharger can accommodate both lightning ports and 30-pin ports. Every stacking groove has its own LED indicator to show when the device has finished charging. As an added feature, this LED can show whether the device is charging or syncing. Red means charging, yellow means syncing and green means finished.

Each multicharger can store up to 10 iPads. However, using the built-in, daisy-chain feature you can choose to add up to two additional multichargers. Together these create a stacked, 3-box system that can store and manage up to 30 devices.

Furthermore, the MultiCharger-X features a lockable and retractable glass door. On the box, you will also find two brackets that can attach your box to the surrounding walls, floor or shelves in order to provide an extra bit of security.

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