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Road Tripping With the Kids Just Got a Lot Less Stressful

* Headrest mount for iPad and most tablets
* Allows for vertical and horizontal positions
* Shock stabilizer to ensure steady tablet position

With summer officially here, it’s time to start planning those annual trips to the lake and to grandma’s house. As you think about getting the car or minivan in shape, the inevitable question will arise: how will we possibly entertain the kids for the next couple of hours?

The simple solution: Let them watch a movie on the iPad, and keep it in place with Macally’s adjustable headrest mount.

This iPad mount attaches to almost any headrest and seat back. It will fit headrest posts 2″ to 9″ wide. It also includes a shock stabilizer for when you have to go “over the woods and through the trees” to your vacation spot.

Even better, this mount allows for horizontal and vertical viewing orientation. Whether you are using an iPad Mini or an Android tablet, the adjustable arms on this mount will keep your tablet safe and secure no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

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