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This Case Has Three Layers to Keep Your Phone Safe

* Slim silhouette with three protective layers
* Shock absorbent, with scratch and drop protection
* More than 2300 reviews with 4.5 star average rating

OtterBox has long been famous for making some of the safest phone cases around and this phone is no exception.

The Otterbox Defender Series Phone Case contains three protective layers, as well as a screen-protector, to guard your phone against scratches, protect against drops and to prevent dirt and dust from getting in.

Phone cases, though, are not always the most stylish. That’s all about to change with the new Defender series, specifically designed for iPhone 7. Choose from colors like Mint Green (seen above) and Aquamarine, and patterns such as polka dot and camouflage.

A high-impact polycarbonate inner shell and synthetic-rubber outer slipcover provide protection. Along with the screen protector, the three layers are designed to absorb shock, so your phone won’t get damaged if you drop it. The raised bumper surrounding the edges protects it on the front end as well. One of the toughest phone cases on the market, the Otterbox is also designed for practicality, with easy access to charging and headphone ports, as well as the volume buttons.

Each case comes with a belt-clip holster that can double as a kickstand to aide with hands-free viewing. It’s also backed up with a one-year warranty and more than 2300 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.5 star average rating. This is a rugged, durable and proven phone case, wrapped up in a stylish package and ready for use.

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