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Prone to Dropping Your iPhone? You Need This Case

* Slim phone case for iPhone 7+/6/6S Plus
* Proven protection from drops up to a height of 10 feet
* Includes a raised bezel to prevent screen scratches

Give your phone an extra layer of protection with this stylish case. Designed for maximum protection and minimum interference with your everyday use, you’ll feel far more relaxed knowing your phone is safe from those horrible accidents you never see coming.

The Speck Phone Case has been tested to provide protection to your phone for drops from 10 feet or less. That’s plenty to prevent disastrous smashed screens, unsightly cracks and annoying scratches. Whether you often drop your phone, sit on it or have a child with a talent for destruction, this smart case is the ideal back up.

It is easy to imagine that such impressive protection would require the Speck Case to be thick and chunky, but Speck has created one of the slimmest dual-layer cases ever made. The case features a raised bezel to protect your screen should your phone land on its face. The bezel also allows you to place your phone face down without scratching the screen.

This sleek case is available in a variety of colors, including jet black, lipstick pink and marine blue. The durable polycarbonate cover is also scratch resistant and features a firm grip design for easy handling.

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