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Craftsmanship and Elegance in a Phone Case For Under 10 Bucks

* High-quality design with reinforced seams
* Easy access to all ports and controls
* Card slots for business or bank cards

Phone cases come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Although no case is perfect, the Leatherette Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6S Plus comes pretty close. This case combines most of the features needed from a phone case in an inexpensive package.

Handcrafted from goldtone leatherette with reinforced stitching for increased durability, the case includes card slots for business cards, bank cards, photo or ID cards while on the go.

The phone case also comes equipped with a kickstand function that is convenient for movie-watching or video-chatting, has obstruction free viewing as the case has a perfect viewing angle and contains easy access to all ports and controls. Convenient hand strap and magnetic lock closure complete the elegant design.

This case not only looks sleek and elegant, but it comes in a large variety of colors and unique prints. Everything from solid colors like purples and greens to unique prints ranging from plaids, floral designs, animal stripes and cute animal portrayals are available.

With a specific and accurate cut-out hole for the receiver, this highly rated phone case will make it easy and convenient to answer the phone without opening the case, making your life just a little bit easier.

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