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Here’s an iPhone Dock Made Out of Marble That’s Better Than Apple’s

* Compatible with just about any Apple device with a lightning connection
* Will even work with iPhones with a case
* Cut from a solid piece of marble and hand polished

Apple’s industrial design is second to none, but that doesn’t preclude the design team from making a mistake here and there. Core products like the iPhone, MacBook and even the Apple Watch are absolutely divine, but accessories like the iPhone Lightning Dock have been known to make even the most ardent Apple fans wonder what went wrong. So it makes absolute sense that a third party like Native Union would step up to the plate, with the gorgeous Dock+ Lightning Marble Edition.

If you’ve never even seen Apple’s Lightning dock in person, you might think it a fine accessory. And by all accounts it should serve its purpose well. But it fails to take into account that people might actually want to tap and swipe while their iPhones are docked and charging. And then there’s the fact that you can’t easily undock your iPhone with one hand because you physically need to separate them from one another. In other words, you can’t simply grab and go.

Native Union’s take addresses some of these quibbles by A) carving out a nice solid chunk of marble for a base and B) adding something of a back rest for your iPhone or iPad.

The Dock+ comes in a white or black marble finish and also ships with a 4-foot braided lightning cable so that it can go just about anywhere you’d like. It will even work with iPhones or iPads with cases of varying thickness.

Not only is Native Union’s Dock+ Lightning Marble Edition a premium take on the standard phone dock, but it’s actually functional, too. Your move, Apple.

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