Protect Your Phone and Keep Your Stuff Organized With This Combo Wallet/Case

Vofolen iPhone 6 Case

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* Two slots fit cards, cash and ID
* Rubber case absorbs damage
* Hard cover is shockproof

Anyone can relate to the desire to keep your carrying essentials to a minimum. Sometimes all you want to carry is keys, cards and phone in order to minimize the pocket lumps in your jeans — or the need for a bulky bag.

The problem is that most guys carry their wallets in the back pocket, meaning that by the time you squeeze in your keys and phone, you’re at 75% pocket capacity. Why waste all that space? What you really need is the Vofolen Wallet Case.

Designed for the iPhone 6/6s, the Vofolen Wallet Case features slots for two cards, which means there’s just enough space for your bank card, ID and cash — but that’s not all you’ll love about it.

The hybrid design means its both impact -resistant and scratch-proof. The rubber case absorbs the damage from drops, leaving your phone unharmed. A shockproof hard cover adds an extra layer of protection, plus the smooth surface makes it easy to slip into and out of your pocket.

Accurate cutouts for the ports, camera and speaker make it practical, while a cover over the side buttons means you won’t lose volume control due to damage. As if that weren’t enough, a raised lip protects the screen against scratches and stains, offering just enough space to prevent a dropped phone from slamming screen-first onto the ground.

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