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Take Your Phone for a Ride with the IPOW Universal Bike Mount

* Adjustable for different sized phones
* Secure clamp
* Extra silicone bands for added protection


keeps a secure grip on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other similarly sized smartphone while you ride your bike. Fully configurable and offering 360-degrees of rotation, the IPOW universal bike mount can be fitted to the handlebars or cross bar and maintains a highly stable grip on your smartphone.

A pair of silicone bands can be used to add additional security and hold your device in place while you bike. Especially useful for mountain bikers and bicycle commuters of all skill levels, this universal bike phone mount helps prevent the dreaded phone drop and adds safety as well, letting you see important notifications without taking your eyes off the road or breaking your focus on the trail.

Thanks to its adjustable clamp with different width settings ranging up to 1.42 inches, the IPOW universal bike mount fits on nearly all bicycle handlebars with ease. It has three different settings for the phone mount itself, allowing it to snugly fit an iPhone 6, a Samsung Galaxy S7 or a Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5.

The adjustable silicone bands help dampen road vibrations as well as working to save your phone from impact harshness. One of the

, the IPOW Universal Bike Mount is notable for its utility and emphasis on secure fastening.

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