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Always Stay Juiced With Up to 48% Off These Portable Battery Chargers That Fit in Your Pocket

Who hasn’t run out of battery at the worst possible time? Whether you’re late for a date, or need to reach your boss stat, it’s never good to be low on smartphone power. If your old power bank isn’t cutting it any more or you’ve just been waiting for a good deal, the wait is over. Black Friday is here and it’s cheaper than ever to restock your supply of portable power banks, since we found some that are up to 48% off.

We’re most impressed by the fact these iWALK portable battery banks are not only powerful, but they come in an amazing array of colors and styles so your power can be as personal as your phone. All of these are so affordable that they make for some of the best stocking stuffer gifts to buy for the holiday season.

Why These iWALK Power Banks & Accessories Are Great Deals

  • Different charging options for all phone types & sizes
  • Instant Amazon savings between $19 and $51 on select iWALK charging accessories
  • Save between 30% to 74% off normal prices
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers

While the best charging gadgets don’t have to cost a lot, shopping on Black Friday means they cost even less. Here are all the deals happening now that you should know about:

What We Love About These iWALK Charging Accessories

iWALK has gone to great lengths to make its charging accessories as stylish as you want to be. With an amazing array of colors, sizes to fit almost every phone and case, and the ultimate in plug and go connectivity, these will keep you powered up all day, all night, and beyond. Plus with charging gadgets that don’t need cords, you don’t have to worry about tangles in your bag.

Courtesy of Amazon

$18.39 $69.99 74% off

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If you’re the type you can’t pass up a bargain, you need to add a boatload of these to your cart, stat. At 74% off this multi-purpose charging stand, Qi wireless charger and power bank is the ultimate do-it-all gadget.

This tiny power bank is only about the size of your thumb and it comes with a built in lightning cable. This is the ideal power bank for those who use thicker cases or a non-MagSafe phone, since you don’t need to worry about the power bank fitting properly.

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$24.49 $34.99 30% off

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In an array of colors, you can definitely find something to match your style, but the true genius of this power bank is it built in lightning plug which slides easily into the bottom of your iPhone. No need to worry about having the right case or the right cord to get emergency juice.

Apple Watch users are definitely familiar with the frustration of an ill timed Apple Watch battery death. With limited battery life it’s not uncommon to need a tarp up during the day, and this small thumb sized charging device lets you get some extra power when you have a few minutes of downtime, by simply clicking your watch to the side of the power bank. Plus, with its built-in cable, you can also use it to charge your iPhone too.

$25.89 $39.99 35% off

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The extra bling on this compact power bank makes it perfect forgiving as a gift in the office secret Santa, or for talking in an iPhone owners stocking. At 35% off for Black Friday, you can grab one for everyone you know.