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Give Your MacBook a Van Gogh-Inspired Makeover

* Silicone keyboard cover to give protection and flare to your MacBook
* Features imagery from “Starry Night,” arguably Van Gogh’s finest and most famous piece
* Flexible material is easily removed for cleaning and disinfecting

Whether you’re an art history aficionado or simply an admirer of beautiful things, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is a timeless piece that everyone can appreciate. Its vibrant colors and expressive brushwork make it an instantly recognizable emblem of 19th century modern art. Now, you merge art and tech with this MacBook keyboard protector, inspired by the iconic painting.

This eye-catching cover is an easy way to give your Apple MacBook a makeover with modern art. Each key is covered by a different piece of the post-impressionist landscape, providing a visually stimulating experience each time you open your laptop.

The cover’s 100% food grade silicone doesn’t just look great either. The slimline design prevents dirt and other debris from negatively affecting the functionality of your laptop. By preventing you from physically touching the keys, it also stops unsightly key wear, thus extending the life of your computer.

Furthermore, maintenance of the cover is not a problem. The flexible silicone can be quickly removed from the keyboard, allowing you to easily clean and disinfect it.

The extra slim cover fits all MacBook Air 13” models, several MacBook Pro models and any iMac or Apple wireless keyboards.

The Starry Night keyboard cover is an easy way to provide protection to your beloved MacBook, while giving your laptop a whimsical look.

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