I Hate When People At The Coffee Shop Look Over at My Laptop, So I Started Using These Privacy Screens

I Hate When People At The

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When it comes to keeping your private information safe, it can feel like there are endless ways that your data can be accessed. We use our hand and body to shield keypads when entering or pin numbers. We have to remember to log out when using public computers. We never access personal information or do any kind of online banking when on public Wi-Fi. We have to make all our passwords strong enough so that our private files can’t be hacked, but still easy enough that we can remember our login information. And that’s just the stuff online. Don’t even get us started on how scared we are about losing our phone, wallet, keys, or possibly the worst, our passports.

As technology continues to improve, it’s becoming increasingly easier to do things like banking online or working remotely thanks to laptops and computers. This convenience does have a cost and that cost is the added security risk of accessing sensitive material outside the home. We love getting outside and visiting our favorite coffee shop on the weekend to catch up on emails and take care of personal business. Sitting on an airplane is a great time to work on that big report for your boss that you’ve been putting off. But what happens when you want to TCB in the OPEN?

Thankfully, there are privacy screens for laptops and computers. If you do any kind of work outside the home, if you love to travel with your laptop, if you work in an open environment, if you share a dorm room with other students, or even if you have small kids who maybe shouldn’t be seeing the latest action movie that you’re watching on your laptop, privacy screens are a must. They don’t impede your view of the screen and in some cases offer a shield that makes staring at the screen all day easier on your eyes. Available in a variety of sizes, privacy screens are the plastic equivalent to the body shield the ATM.

1. Akamai Office Products 15.6 Inch Privacy Screen

Featuring advanced microlouver privacy technology which enables people sitting directly in front of the screen a fully accessible and clear view, the Akamai Office Products 15.6 Inch Privacy Screen is a great option for anyone looking to add an extra layer of protection on their laptop screen. The adhesive protector is available in a variety of sizes with the 16 to 9 screen ratio and Akami provides detailed instructions on how to measure your screen to ensure that you order the correct protector. Accessibility tabs make it easy to remove the screen protector and reapply it when privacy is required.

Akamai Office Products 15.6 Inch Privacy Screen

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2. 3M Gold Privacy Filter

The 3M Gold Privacy Filter stands out in the world of screen protectors thanks to its gold hue, an alternative to the typical dark gray finish of most screen protectors. The 3M Gold Privacy Filter offers a 60° Viewing angle, meaning only the people sitting directly in front of the screen can see its contents. The glossy gold finish provides a high clarity viewing experience and the screen boasts a huge following thanks to what many customers report is a better viewing experience than its competitors.

3M Gold Privacy Filter

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3. Privox Computer Privacy Screen Filter

The Privox Computer Privacy Screen Filter is not only privacy screen, but it has the added value of also boasting a number of benefits, including an antiglare screen, an anti-scratch protector for your screen, and an eye protector, with the screen filtering out harmful UV and blue light transmission that can put strain on your eyes. The screen comes with a free installation kit and two installation options, including a double-sided adhesive option and an option with tabs that allow for the protector to be removed easily. Unlike many protectors, the Privox works with touchscreens. It’s also available up to a 24 inch option, making it ideal for anyone who needs a screen protector for their monitor.

Privox Computer Privacy Screen Filter

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4. Easy On/Off Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter

If you need a screen protector that can easily be applied and removed from your laptop, possibly because you have a shared laptop, we recommend the Easy On/Off Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter. The privacy screen attaches to the laptop with magnets, making it easy to remove. The downside is that the protector must be removed before the laptop is closed, or else the laptop will remain on. The protector helps to filter out blue light and UV and protects against scratches. The screen cannot be used as a touchscreen when the protector is in place and some customers note that the protector works better as an antiglare screen than a privacy screen.

Easy On/Off Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter

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