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Alternative Laptop Screen and Keyboard Protectors That Won’t Take The Film Off Your Screen

* Avoid damaging your new laptop screen with these alternatives
* Microfiber clothes to cover keyboards when not in use
* Affordable and effective screen savers

When choosing laptop screen protectors it is important to think about a few key things. You should look for products that help minimize the oils and fingerprints from compromising your high-tech screens, reduces pressure from the keyboard onto the screen when the laptop is closed as well as accessories that help reduce dust and dirt from impacting the quality of your laptop. There are many types of screens that you can place over the face of your display, like blue-light reducing screens and privacy screens for extra security when on your computer in public, but these risk the chance of compromising the original film that your laptop is made with.

The retina display on the newest Apple laptops is made with an anti-reflective coating that can be replaced over time as it may come off because it is a rather sensitive film. But the best way to maintain the original film the laptop is made with is to avoid sticking and peeling screens over the top of them. Instead, try utilizing one of these microfiber cloths that can be placed over your keyboard and closed in between the cover when you are not using your computer. These three options are both affordable, effective and will help reduce damage to your screen while maintaining the high-quality display your laptop was intended to showcase.

1. ShaggyMax Swiper Screen Protector

ShaggyMax is a highly recommended product for protecting your keyboard and screen as it is made with a durable microfiber cloth that is supposed to last a lifetime even after many machine washes and daily uses of the cloth. This product is designed specifically for the 15-inch MacBook Pro with the Touchbar feature. Just place over the keyboard and trackpad before closing to avoid the transfer of oils and dirt from the keys to the screen.

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2. Microfiber Screen Protector

This multi-pack comes with three cleaning wipes, three screen protector cloths for 12-inch screens and three microfiber stickers for wiping down all of your screens on-the-go. The lint-free material can be used many times over, are streak-free and will dry quickly for daily dependability to keep your tech shiny and residue-free.

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3. Laptop Cloth Screen Protector

This well-priced pack of two microfiber clothes is designed for the 13.3-inch MacBook and can be used to wipe, clean and dry your laptop after every use to maintain its spectacular quality and minimize dirt from getting everywhere.

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