Your Phone Case Should be Worth Touching All Day, Every Day

leather phone case
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* Handmade from 100% genuine leather for a sleek, vintage look
* Features cutouts for full access to buttons and camera/speaker functions
* Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8

Finding the right phone case is easier said than done. You can opt for the most durable, protective case offered for your phone, but something you interact with and look at everyday should be more than that. It should be appealing to look at and pleasant to touch as well as durable and protective.

This leather Galaxy S8 case from Icarercase is a great example of that sought-after combination of elegance and toughness that makes a phone case worth buying.

This case is handmade from 100% genuine leather, giving it a soft, supple feel and a sleek, attractive look. The raw leather also means that if properly cared for, it will continue to look great with age as the leather gets worn and bumped around.

The case is also extremely ergonomical with a folio flip, magnetic closure design. It features cutouts for easy access to ports, buttons and sensors, and full camera and speaker capabilities while the case is on, as well as a speaker hole that allows you to answer calls without opening the case.

If you’re looking for a new Galaxy S8 phone case, or tired of your chunky old one, we suggest giving the this leather Icarercase a try.

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