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The Hide & Drink Handmade Sleeve May be Your iPhone’s New Best Friend

* Genuine hand-crafted leather
* Reinforced for durability
* Fits iPhone 6+ and 6S+

When it comes to iPhone sleeves, you’re often forced to choose between either a practical or a stylish option. However, there are few on the market that admirably blend practicality and style.

The Hide & Drink handmade sleeve for iPhone, is constructed with superior hand-stitched leather. The outer shell is reinforced for added durability and protection, proven to withstand even high-impact drops and prevent scuffs effectively. The whiskey-hued leather shell gives your smartphone a handsome protective barrier.

The case has a smooth, sheepskin inner lining so that your phone doesn’t get stuck in the sleeve when you need to remove it quickly. It comfortably fits the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus, which is a great help for those of us who went for the largest iPhone choice.

Like a good pair of leather boots, this iPhone sleeve forms to the shape of your phone and develops a healthy patina as time goes on, looking even better with age. The Hide & Drink iPhone sleeve is built to last through everyday use, and, as with each Hide & Drink product, comes with a lifetime warranty.

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