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People Are Geeking Out Over This $30 LED Backlit Keyboard For Gaming

* It has 650 Amazon reviews with 68% rating it 5-stars
* Why people are geeking out over this keyboard
* LED backlit keys and a spill-resistant keyboard for only $30 

If you are looking to elevate your gaming experience, this super affordable and LED illuminated keyboard may be your answer. The all-metal, shock-proof and spill-resistant keyboard has a rainbow backlight behind the keys to brighten up your experience while giving you great visibility when the lights are low. You can adjust the LED lights between seven modes and brightness levels of the lights so you can customize your computer experience and set-up an atmosphere ideal for you. They even thought about the height of the keys when designing the board, so, the keys are half the height of standard keys making everyday typing and intense gaming a more efficient and faster experience, as you can slide fingers across keys with speed.

Gamers will love to know that there is anti-ghosting technology that allows multiple keys to work simultaneously for a quick response to commands and there are even 12 combos of multimedia keys for improving your work and gaming experience for those who don’t have time to waste typing an inordinate amount of keys during intense gaming. Note that the multimedia shortcuts are only available on PC systems, not Macintosh computers, but the wired keyboard still does work with Windows and Mac OS. People are loving the vibrant colorways on the board and the ergonomic design of the board that allows for the wrist to sit comfortably while typing, which allows for hours-long use for competitive gamers and writers alike.

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Courtesy of Amazon

The non-slip board has feet on the bottom so it won’t be sliding all over the place even while typing and gaming aggressively. And the spill-resistant design is a life-saver when accidental spills and crumbs take over your play and work area. With over 650 Amazon reviews and 68% rating it 5-stars, people are raving about the affordability and usability of this board. Some reviewers have said, “this KB has a layout that is well thought out, with enough space between key groupings, to help avoid overreaching and accidentally pressing the wrong key. Also, the LED color zones help keep the fingers in the proper zone. So this KB is easy to use, even for me. The platform keys are a great idea; easy to keep the keyboard clean. The mild “click” is on par with all other KB’s and in no way a distraction.” While others praise its overall design and basic gaming features saying, “for a high-grade, reasonably priced keyboard this absolutely fits my repertoire. But even if you are gaming in the dark, I think it’s still COMPLETELY fine to type. I would definitely recommend this for both gaming and personal use because the product is THAT good!”

If you are someone who only wants to use a Bluetooth or wireless keyboard for travel purposes, then this won’t work for you as this keyboard connects via a USB plug-in, but for someone who doesn’t mind the wire and wants all of these other features at a very reasonable price, we recommend taking this out for a spin and seeing how it holds up to these reviewers hype.

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Courtesy of Amazon