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Daily Deal: Light Up Your Selfies For Only $13

* Take better photos, from selfies to food pics
* 5-6 hours of work time from a 2-hour charge
* Was: $39.99 | Now: $14.99

Snap better pics and get more followers on social thanks to the

. Designed to enhance your selfies and live streams, this rechargeable flashlight case was originally priced at $39.99, but for a limited time, Amazon is offering it for 63% off. That means you can get one giant step closer to influencer status for the bargain price of $14.99.

Outfitted with a built-in flashlight, your selfies will never suffer from bad lighting and you’ll always look great on Facetime–even under dim conditions. At the push of the button, you get enough light to snap great photos, from the party to the restaurant.

Wellerly’s case feature five light settings. Click once to open or close the LED lights. Long-press the button the control the intensity of the light, and double click the button to start flash mode. A second double click turns on SOS flash mode, and another double click starts LED flash mode.

The case also comes with its own micro USB charging cord. No matter how little charge your phone has left, the Wellerly case will still shine bright. You can expect five to six hours of working time from only two hours charge time.

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