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Sometimes All You Need is a Simple No Frills Case For Your iPhone

* Slim, lightweight and weighs just 18g
* Ships in a fitted box for easy gifting
* Available in Navy Blue, Red, Black and Dark Grey

Ten years after the release of the first iPhone by Apple, there have been innumerable cases of dropped and shattered iPhones. We’ve all been there before and it sucks, but it’s also quite easy to increase your iPhone’s chances of surviving a tumble or two. Now, you don’t need to grab the thickest and sturdiest of cases either. Take, for example, Amazon’s no frills AmazonBasics Slim Case for the iPhone 7.

Like Apple’s premium leather case, this one from Amazon is both slim and lightweight. The latter, however, is made from a sturdy polycarbonate that’s paired with a grippy, but soft, coating. More importantly, Amazon’s case has a raised bevel all the way around that keeps the screen off of flat surfaces, which in turn, should keep your screen free from scratches. Unlike the leather case offered by Apple, this one will be a lot easier to clean and maintain, but at a quarter of the cost.

While Apple doesn’t typically disclose sales figures from accessories sold, like iPhone cases, one could easily glean that it’s a booming business. Not just for Apple but accessory makers the world over. Remember back in 2007 when you couldn’t even get a case for the original iPhone when it launched? Nowadays you can’t get away from them. Point being, you have a variety of choices and that is an incredibly powerful position to be in as a consumer.

That’s not to say cases are for everyone because they’re not. But consider the time and money you’d need to spend to fix your phone should something go wrong. Spending less than 10 bucks sounds pretty appealing now, doesn’t it?

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