This San Francisco-Based Start-Up Just Reinvented the MacBook Sleeve

macbook sleeve Acme Made skinny case

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* Ultra-thin laptop case with easy slide design for MacBooks and tablets
* Durable neoprene shell is both water and stain resistant
* Features secure elastic band closure without hard metal zippers

With a simple slide design and a protective outer cover, the Acme Made ultra-thin electronics case is an easy way to keep your MacBook safe when you aren’t using it. Padded walls, stretch-stitch seams and the zipper-free locking band mean your computer remains safe without losing that attractive Apple look.

Featuring an ultra-thin, reinforced outer cover, the “Skinny Sleeve” provides plenty of protection for your MacBook while still allowing maximum portability. This makes the stylish cover ideal for fitting in your bag without causing unwanted clutter.

The intelligent design is also zipper free to help prevent any unwanted scratches. Instead, the Acme Made sleeve sports a secure elastic band, which provides a secure hold over your device and allows for quick slide in, slide out access.

The outer stretch shell not only appears stylish, but it also provides plenty of protection from the elements and any accidental exposure to liquids, too. It is made from neoprene, a synthetic polymer which looks and feels similar to rubber. In addition, you’ll find a high-impact insert within each side of the sleeve to provide some additional protection for your MacBook or tablet.

The laptop sleeve comes in your choice of three eye-catching designs — matte black, poppy orange and grey, or purple and blue.

At under $40, the Acme Made laptop sleeve provides on-the-go protection for your device without the bulk of a normal case. And the reinforced stitching and quick access band hold up well for those who need durable protection for daily use.

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