Marvelously Mobile: 6 Marvel-Themed Phone Cases For Superhero Fans

best black panther phone case
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* Marvel-themed phone cases to switch up your everyday carry
* Like a superhero costume for your phone
* Surf the web with a Spider-Man case (get it?)

One thing mobile phones and superheroes have in common is that they both tend to feel safest when wearing some kind of costume or armor. Iron Man has his famous metal shell; Ant-Man has his Ant-Hat; Captain Marvel has her cool alien space suit; and even Spider-Man only goes out in his trademarked spider-themed leisurewear. Likewise, we tend to want to put cases on our fancy, mostly-glass phones. Here are 6 six great Marvel themed costumes, er, cases, for your mobile phone.

1. Litech Flexfit Case

This case for the iPhone X and XS features a cute cartoon Spider-Man. It’s also scratch resistant, which helps if you have nails like The Black Cat.

spider man case Courtesy Amazon


2. Spider Man iPhone 7 Case

This clear iPhone 7 Case features a cool collage of panels from classic Spider-Man comics. True web heads will be able to identify where some of these are from. Hawkeyed Marvel fans can probably tell who drew them, too.

Spider Man iphone case Courtesy Amazon


3. Infinity Phone Cases Marvel Superheroes

From the aptly named Infinity Phone Cases, this one brings you a group portrait of just about every Marvel character. If you’re waiting somewhere and your battery dies you can try to name them all.

Marvel Superheroes Case Courtesy Amazon


4. Layered Avengers iPhone Case

A layered “heavy drop protection” iPhone case, this one has the dramatic visage of Thor from The Avengers.

Thor iphone case Courtesy Amazon


5. Layered Black Panther Case

This Black Panther-themed case not only has a utility pocket for cards but is rated for “heavy drop” protection. We assume that means its safe to listen to Dub Step while holding it.

black panther iphone case Courtesy Amazon


6. Otter Box Marvel Case

An iPhone 8 Case with a sleek, pocketable form, this Otter Box case features an original Marvel-based design.

Otter Box marvel iphone case Courtesy Amazon

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