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The Microsoft Surface Laptop Is Slim, Light, and Under $1000

* Extra-thin design adds portability and fits effortlessly in your bag or backpack
* Patented Surface Pen lets you sketch, shade and draw with ease
*Surface Dock capability lets you transform laptop into a desktop computer

In the market for a new laptop? With 128GB of storage, a generous 4GB of ram and an impressive 14.5 hours of video playback, the Microsoft Surface ticks all the right boxes. It also comes with the 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor.

While this laptop is all about the power, it’s also incredibly light. In fact, at a little under three pounds, the Surface’s extra-thin design helps add a little extra portability and fits effortlessly in your bag or backpack. You could almost say this laptop was meant to be used on the go.

What makes this laptop stick out from the crowd is the beautiful Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard. Easy on the eyes and even easier on the fingers, this elegant keyboard comes complete with an extra sensitive Surface Arc Mouse that’s designed to conform to your hand’s movements.

Unlike other laptops, this one includes an incredibly intuitive Surface Dock, which lets you instantly transform your Surface into a desktop computer. Take advantage of external monitors, keyboards, printers and more. With roughly 4,000 different pressure points, the patented Surface Pen also lets you sketch, shade and draw naturally with ease. There’s even a built-in eraser for added convenience.

Equipped with Windows 10 and offering best-in-class security and performance, the Surface comes in four elegant colors and offers way more features than other laptops at the same price point.

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