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Power Up While Traveling Light With This Lipstick-Sized Mini-Portable Charger

* Lipstick-sized portable charger
* One of the most compact external batteries available
* Delivers super-fast charging speed up to 1 amp

Who hasn’t experienced the bad luck combination of a device going low-battery while being nowhere near an electrical outlet? Well, here’s a way to solve the drained battery dilemma while also traveling light: Anker’s PowerCore+ ultra compact


Anker calls this high-speed charging technology “Power IQ,” a feature that detects your device to deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 1 amp; expect batteries to be restored almost if not as quickly as a traditional wall charger.

Recharging the charger itself is relatively fast, too — just 3-4 hours is all it takes. The full capacity of this tiny tube will add six hours of talk time to an iPhone 6, Galaxy 6S and smartphones of the like.

Other than the charger tube itself, the PowerCore+ comes ready to go with micro-USB cable, handy travel pouch and an usually generous 18-month warranty. Unfortunately for iPhone users, it doesn’t come equipped with a lightening cable, but it’s definitely compatible with it. But for a weight of 3 ounces and a size small enough you can slip it in your pants pocket, it’s a minor trade-off for major pay-off.