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5G Wireless Plans for $15 a Month? No, It’s Not a Trick

Going without wireless coverage in 2021 would be like going without water, gas or electricity. It’s just not possible for most people. Maybe that’s why so many wireless providers make it so difficult to sign up and switch providers — they know you don’t have any choice.

It’s not unusual to be stuck with a contract that either provides too little (or too much) data, and ultimately ends with you paying way more than you expected. And when you want to find a plan that fits you better, you either have to deal with a poorly designed and unhelpful website, or you have to spend time going to a brick-and-mortar location and waiting for a sales professional to help you.

Mint Mobile understands it’s not easy to find the right cell phone plan, which is why the Ryan Reynolds-backed wireless company is letting new customers sign up for a free 7-Day trial. And if you end up liking the service, which is backed by T-Mobile’s 5G network, you can sign up for plans starting at just $15/month. Better yet, Mint Mobile will even give you a temporary number to test out this new wireless service, which means you don’t have to give up your phone number or leave your current mobile provider until you’re ready.

It’s so easy, in fact, that you can complete the registration process and receive an eSIM to instantly activate the trial on your current device in fewer than 5 minutes. And if you do decide to sign up, instead of giving your money away to a faceless wireless provider you can’t stand, you can pay Ryan Reynolds instead.

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Already know that T-Mobile’s 5G network works for you? Then skip the free trial and sign up for Mint Mobile’s unlimited talk and text plans. Head to Mint Mobile to compare plans.

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How It Works: Save Money on 5G Data With Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile wants to give time, money and the power of choice back to smartphone users.

Owned by Ryan Reynolds, who you might recognize as Deadpool from the popular Marvel movies, Mint Mobile wants to offer consumers a different sort of experience that isn’t so painful.

First, Mint Mobile is online-only. (That’s right, it’s a mobile company that’s actually mobile.) You don’t need to spend hours in a physical location waiting for something you can accomplish in minutes on your own. Thanks to the user-friendly design of Mint Mobile’s website and app, you don’t have to worry about overpaying for services and data you don’t need. Even better, the money Mint Mobile saves by not setting up retail locations means that it can offer you mobile service at lower prices than the competition.

Second, you can pay your mobile service up to 12 months in advance. In exchange, Mint Mobile will offer you further savings than you would get paying a traditional carrier in monthly installments. And with plans starting at $15 a month, you will really notice the money you’re saving with Mint Mobile.

Third, you have a lot of flexibility in how you structure your plan. Once you get a sense of how much data you use each month, you can easily choose between 4GB, 10GB, 15GB and Unlimited data plans.

But the most refreshing part of Mint Mobile is that you can sign up for a 7-Day trial completely free of charge. Better yet, Mint Mobile gives you a temporary number so that you can try out this game-changing service without having to leave your current mobile provider.

It’s so easy, in fact, that you can complete the registration process and receive an eSIM to instantly activate the trial on your current device in fewer than 5 minutes.

To take advantage of this enticing offer, you simply need to follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Get the Mint Mobile App: If you head over to the Mint Mobile website, you can quickly confirm that your phone will work with the service and have Mint text you a link so you can download the app.
  • Provide Some Basic Contact Info: All that’s required for Mint Mobile’s free trial is your name, email address and zip code. They will also require a credit card, so that it’s quicker and easier to fully switch over after the free trial. (But to be completely clear, Mint Mobile will never charge you without first asking.)
  • Enjoy 7 days of Free Mint Mobile Service: Once you send over the necessary info, you will instantly receive an eSim card that you can activate on your phone. From there, you will have 250 minutes of talk time, 250 texts and 250MB of data to use as you like for a week.

Considering that Mint Mobile is powered by T-Mobile’s 5G network, we think this is an offer that is too good to turn down. In fact, if you already have T-Mobile, you can keep receiving the same great network speeds at a lower cost. And if you agree, all you have to do is visit Mint Mobile’s website and get started.

And 5 minutes from now, when you’re browsing the web on your phone with blazing 5G speeds, we bet you’ll be thanking us.