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Mint Mobile’s Practically Giving Away Its Service For Free With Its Google Pixel 7 Pro Deal

New smartphone prices are scary when you think about them. Most of today’s best smartphones could easily cost you $1,000, which is just for the ownership of the hardware and not the service. But Mint Mobile wants you to think otherwise with its latest deal on one of this fall’s flagship smartphones.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro was announced not too long ago, but it’s being treated to its best discount to date courtesy of Mint Mobile. Normally $899, you only need to fork over $589 to snag what’s arguably the best camera phone around. And best of all, that total cost also includes 12 months of 4GB data/month with Mint Mobile. You’re practically getting the service for free.

Courtesy of Google

Mint Mobile’s bundle deal includes the Google Pixel 7 Pro and 12 months of 4GB/month for $589.

Why This Google Pixel 7 Pro At Mint Mobile Is a Great Deal

  • Hardware
    • Google Pixel 7 Pro Is Originally $899, but now $499
    • Instant savings of $400 for the phone
    • 55% off its regular price
  • Service
    • 4GB/month 4G LTE plan for 12 months is normally $180, but now $90
    • 50% off discount for the service
    • More discounted service options are available

What We Love About The Google Pixel 7 Pro At Mint Mobile

For being one of the best flagship smartphones heading into fall and the busy holiday season, the Google Pixel 7 Pro at Mint Mobile is an attractive option to consider. First and foremost, it’s been given the usual makeover complete with a new set of pro-level cameras that gets you closer to subjects with its 30x Super Res Zoom — so it’s like you’re in front of them, but really far in reality.

Owning a Pixel has its exclusive benefits, like getting the latest software updates before any other phone and other Pixel-specific features like live translation in your apps. Everything moves so fluidly thanks to its sharp 6.7-inch QHD+ OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and Google’s Tensor G2 processor. It’s also worth every penny when you look at its premium design, which features a polished aluminum chassis.

Courtesy of Google

As much as the hardware makes us drool, it’s Mint Mobile’s service that completes the package. Let’s face it, the service is what ends up costing the most. At the very minimum, you only need to shell out $90 for a year’s worth of 4G LTE service with Mint Mobile. If you’re heavy with data usage, you’re still getting a 50% off discount on other plans — including $180 for an entire year of unlimited data.

By comparison, you’d still be paying more for the same amount of data from rivals like Visible and Xfinity Mobile. They both made a splash with their low-cost unlimited services starting at $30 per month, or $360 for the entire year. But Mint Mobile’s offer at $180 for unlimited data for the year is a deal like no other if you’re looking to save on your cell phone plan. Also worth noting is that you’ll get 5G connectivity for free as well with Mint Mobile’s plan, so that’s more incentive to get this deal.

Courtesy of Google