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This Unlimited Plan From Mint Mobile Might Be The Cheapest We’ve Seen Yet

Mobile data is likely the number one priority among phone users, and we never seem to have enough of it. The latest phone company to get in on the budget-unlimited craze is Mint Mobile, which you probably know from their commercials with celebrity part-owner Ryan Reynolds. 

Mint is a fairly new company, they’ve been around for about six years, but they actually run on T-Mobile’s 5G network, which is the biggest in the United States. Their unlimited plan costs $30 per month, but for a limited time, their holiday deal will give you three months for free when you sign up for a three-month plan, essentially giving you unlimited data for $15 per month!

Now is the golden age of affordable unlimited mobile plans, with several companies offering excellent deals. Xfinity Mobile has its $30/a-month plan, and Verizon has its welcome plan, but this deal from Mint Mobile might be the best-unlimited cell phone plan deal on the market.

Why We’re Excited About These New Mint Mobile Prices

It wasn’t very long ago that mobile data didn’t matter a lot to most of us; we only used our phones for calling and texting, but nowadays, data is one of the most important aspects of a phone plan. Apps we use daily, like social media, the internet, music streaming, and more, are huge drains on our data. In addition, many of us use our phones for work, which siphons plenty of our mobile data too.

Given how important mobile data is these days, we get excited when we see a new affordable unlimited data plan like this one from Mint Mobile. Remember that while these low-cost unlimited plans are usually great deals, it’s always a good idea to read the fine print and ensure that you’re getting everything you need from it, as sometimes we see limitations of data speeds or 5G coverage.

Mint Mobile’s holiday deal is the best unlimited deal that we are (currently) aware of, but they also offer some other amazing deals for as low as $15/month if you don’t need unlimited data. Here’s a full breakdown of their holiday deal:

Courtesy of Mint Mobile

If you look at its unlimited cell phone plan, it essentially costs you $15/month because you’re paying $90 for six months of service. The next closest thing to this would be Visible Mobile’s $30 per month unlimited plan.

We’re happy to see unlimited data becoming more and more accessible these days. With increased competition, the deals only seem to be getting better. We hope this trend continues, but deals like this one from Mint are undoubtedly tough to beat.

Courtesy of Mint Mobile