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Looking for an iPhone PopSocket That Can Do More? Check Out the Multifunctional Moft O

As the masses have latched onto bigger smartphones, they’ve also had to come up with solutions to compensate for the fact that those phones are completely unwieldy. This is how PopSockets and iPhone Rings have become immensely popular. But accessory maker Moft, who realized those accessories are one-dimensional in function, has created a new MagSafe accessory that looks to do more.

At its core, the Moft O is a grip that attaches to the back of an iPhone 12 using the MagSafe System. From there, you can pop out the grip so that the phone rests securely in your hand, and fold it back flat when you’re not using it.

moft iphone

But since MagSafe lets you move things around a little, Moft has also designed the O grip so that it can function as a stand in portrait or landscape orientation, which is something other grip rings can’t do. Even better, you can adjust the Moft O so that the phone rests at different angles. But perhaps most notable is that the phone can stand at a straight 90-degree angle, which is great for hands-free video calls.

Moft grip

Available in four different colors, which match the hues of Apple’s own leather accessories, the Moft O is just the latest clever MagSafe accessory from the company, joining the multifunctional Moft Wallet.

But for those who don’t have a MagSafe-enabled iPhone 12, you can add a Moft Snap Phone Sticker to the back of any smartphone and enjoy the same functionality that you would if it had MagSafe.

And for those who are environmentally conscious, Moft’s accessories are also made from synthetic leather, which means that you can enjoy this product guilt-free.

Moft iphone grip

On sale at an affordable $19.99, the Moft O is available to purchase now.


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