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This $99 Phone Charger is Like the Air Jordan of Battery Packs

Before we had the fancy wireless chargers and the tiny portable battery packs, we had the mophie — the battery pack-slash-phone-case hybrid that you slipped onto the back of your device as an emergency power supply. It may have added some extra weight to your device, but it would keep your phone charged with just a flick of a switch. And because it looked just like a phone case, you didn’t have to carry around anything extra (like a charging cable or external power source) to keep your device going.

But since the mophie debuted more than a decade again, it’s been eclipsed by everything from

to car chargers that plug into your cigarette lighter. It seems multiple companies have found ways to keep you powered on the go. Well: cue the mophie comeback.

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This month, mophie launches its newest, sleekest, most versatile charger yet: the Juice Pack Air. While the original mophie was a bit clunky and chunky, the new, streamlined design of the Juice Pack Air is as compact as a traditional (non-battery) case, so it fits easily in your hand, pocket, and your bag. It takes the place of regular case too, with a ton of features to protect your phone. The best part: the powerful battery extends the life of your iPhone up to a total of 31 hours.

Think of the Juice Pack Air as the Air Jordan of phone chargers: a classic, beloved product given a modern makeover. Like the sneakers, it’s available in multiple colors, like black, red and rose gold. It’s also packed with a ton of features, like a status button that shows you how much battery you have left, raised corners to protect the edges of the screen, and rubberized support pads that withstand any dings or drops.

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To charge the battery pack, plug in your phone as normal. The brand’s “Priority+” charging allows pass-through charging and sync capabilities when connected via Lightning cable; the phone charges first, and then the juice pack battery charges. The battery case is also compatible with virtually any Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, letting you recharge without having to plug anything in.

The mophie Juice Pack Air is compatible with iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR. At under $100, it’s pricier than most chargers, but for a two-in-one device (protective case and battery pack), it’s actually a pretty solid value. Great for commuters or for travel, this is a phone charger that’s more than worth its (lighter) weight.

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