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Xfinity Enters the Cheap Unlimited Plan Arms Race With New $30 Mobile Plans

Do you burn through a lot of mobile data each month? Honestly, who doesn’t? It’s a good thing that cheap unlimited data plans exist, but these plans can also cost an arm and a leg. Xfinity Mobile has just announced new pricing plans for two and three lines of unlimited Xfinity Mobile that can save customers money in the new year. According to Xfinity, customers on the new unlimited plans can save up to 50% compared to AT&T, 45% compared to Verizon, and 25% compared T-Mobile.

Xfinity shared details about its new low-cost mobile plans with SPY, and while we haven’t been able to test out the plans yet, we wanted to pass along the info to SPY readers. We should note that even the best cheap unlimited cell phone plans come with fine print and stipulations that make the offer a little less attractive. For instance, you may need to sign up with three or four numbers to get the lowest possible price, or you may only have limited access to 5G networks.

However, even considering the stipulations, the new Xfinity Mobile unlimited plans look pretty attractive, and low-cost cell companies like Mint and Visible have another competitor to deal with.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Xfinity Mobile pricing: you can get unlimited data for just $45 for a single line, and $30 per line for two, three, or four lines. 


Why We’re Excited About These New Xfinity Mobile Prices

At this point in time, no one will argue that mobile data is more than just a luxury. With so many people working from home and on-the-go, having enough data is more important than it’s ever been. Add in cloud gaming and 5G, and you have the potential for users to burn through a huge amount of data in an incredibly short amount of time. Rather than charge exorbitant prices for data, Xfinity Mobile is moving in the right direction with these affordable plans.

Their claims of saving money aren’t unfounded, either.

A single line of Unlimited costs $65 from Verizon and AT&T, and $60 from T-Mobile. Adding an extra line makes that cost go up to $110 for Verizon, $120 for AT&T, and $80 for T-Mobile. The only point where Xfinity costs the same as the competition is with a four-line plan, where it’s $120 for Xfinity Mobile, Verizon, and T-Mobile, and $140 for AT&T.

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Courtesy of Xfinity

Please note that these Verizon comparison prices were provided by Xfinity and don’t take the Welcome Unlimited plan into account. In addition, we would recommend comparing the cost of Xfinity’s new unlimited plan to other budget providers such as Visible and Mint, which also offer under $50 unlimited plans.

If you need more than four lines, Xfinity Mobile is only asking $20 per additional line. That’s a great value, and it’s available right now. You can save even more money with current promotions, like $450 off a new Samsung phone or a $200 Visa prepaid card when activating a new line.

For mobile users on a budget, Xfinity Mobile just cranked up the appeal. They aren’t without competition, though; in July, Verizon introduced Welcome Unlimited, a $30 unlimited plan that also helps subscribers snag a new phone.

All these new plans point to a trend towards a more affordable mobile market, and that’s something we can definitely get behind. With phones like the Google Pixel 5a setting a new standard for budget performance, it’s easy to see why providers are following suit with their plans.


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