This Fake Cell Phone Is Apparently Helping People Break Their Phone Addictions

no phone
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* Placebo treatment for phone addicts
* This faux phone acts as a non-functioning replica
* Gives you feeling of phone in hand or pocket

Phone addiction is a big deal, so much so that psychologists have discovered some surprising, and some rather unsurprising, long-term mental health effects. Not only does being totally addicted to your phone make you much slower at tasks requiring more than one hand or more than 10% of your attention, but there is apparently a pretty strong negative correlation between the amount of time one spends mindlessly scrolling on social media and one’s sense of personal satisfaction and contentment.

Makes sense, we suppose. Many phone addicts feel that when we are constantly looking at the stream of ads and packaged content from other people’s Instagrams, for example, we miss out on moments of beauty in real life.

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Phone addiction can go beyond a nervous habit and turn into perpetual FOMO. The irony of this particular FOMO is that it literally causes missing out. So how do you get a handle on your phone addiction? Some people have apparently found that carrying around a second, fake phone helps keep them from succumbing to the phone zombie virus.

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This fake phone is here to help you break the habit. It’s slim design feels like an iPhone and it fits in your hand, pocket or bag if you need to feel “connected.” The thing is: it won’t connect… ever.

But if you’re used to having your phone next to you in bed, or if somehow your car dashboard feels empty without a phone (no texting and driving!), or you just need something to fidget with in a meeting or at brunch (without worrying about disruptive texts) this is the “phone” to get.

On the plus side, its battery will never die. And if you drop it in the toilet or sink, you can just fish it out easily with no damage. We do not suggest a similar method for alcoholics, as drinking your water from an old vodka bottle is probably a bad idea.


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