Nonda’s USB-C Adapter is Just What You Need For Your New MacBook

nonda usb-c adapter

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* Mini USB-C adapter
* Supports data transfer up to 5Gbps
* 3 colors to match new Apple MacBook

The new Apple MacBook was just the shiny toy you were looking for to make a statement in the office, at the coffee shop and during your commute. Perhaps the one thing you didn’t anticipate was the new USB-C connector it sports. It’s great for keeping things small and compact, but not ideal when a colleague hands you that thumb drive which uses the traditional USB 3.0 connector. So what’s one to do? 

nonda usb-c adapter

Nonda’s new USB-C to USB 3.0 mini adapter is just the thing you are looking for. This adapter plugs right into your MacBook’s Type C connector and allows you to charge your phones and other devices. It also allows for data transfers up to 5Gbps, so just plug your 3.0 thumb drive directly into it and start transferring those important files directly to your MacBook’s desktop. 

Nonda’s USB-C adapter has an LED indicator light that tells you when the mini adapter is in use. It also comes in three colors to match your MacBook and it’s even made from the same aluminum alloy. This is the perfect match for your streamlined MacBook. It’s not bulky, about the diameter of a quarter and has just the right weight to it for keeping things light and portable.

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