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Rumor Alert: The OnePlus Nord N300 Could Be a Sub-$300 Phone With 33W Wired Charging

OnePlus had a busy year looking back at the gadgets the company announced. However, it appears as though the company isn’t done yet, despite announcing two flagship phones and its budget phone — the OnePlus Nord N20, which earned our best budget smartphone award.

The latest report is that the company will soon be announcing the OnePlus Nord N300, which is pegged for release sometime next month at an even equal or lower price compared to the N20. That’s pretty fantastic given how the price is substantial enough from other low-cost offerings from the competition, like the Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen) and Google Pixel 6a.

Those two have already proven themselves as worthy contenders, but they’re still north of $400. The OnePlus Nord N300, on the other hand, will certainly undercut them both at its rumored price point at under $300.

Besides its drool worthy cost, the N300 is reportedly going to offer 30W wired charging, which for a phone in its price range is a feature unheard of because few provide some kind of rapid charging technology. Features like that are typically dismissed to keep the cost low, but OnePlus feels as though it’s necessary to provide even more value for budget shoppers who are already pinched due to inflation and the rising of costs everywhere.

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Courtesy of The Verge

Other notable features hint that the Nord N300 will be powered by a MediaTek processor, which would be a first for a OnePlus smartphone. MediaTek’s processors have often been used in budget smartphones, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it indeed happens to be used by the N300.

And lastly, there is a strong chance that it’ll be accompanied with a 90 Hz display — up from the usual 60 Hz refresh rates found in other low cost smartphones. This would result in smoother animations when navigating around the user interface. Again, it’s something that wouldn’t traditionally be found in phones under $300.

We suspect that an official announcement could come soon, given that the holiday shopping season already got a head start with Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday still on the horizon, OnePlus could really make a statement with its rumored Nord N300 if it were somehow given a discount for those looking for the best Christmas gifts to buy.