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Onyx’s New E-Ink Paper Tablets Offer High-Tech Features for Creatives

Modern-day tablets have a lot to offer depending on what you’re looking for. There are a lot of variations that make some the best tablets for college students, and others the best for laptop-like power. One area that can feel underloved is the world of e-readers, but Onyx has decided to help everyone out there by announcing not one, not two, but three new e-reader tablets to choose from.

This October, the company announced three new paper tablets, which feature advanced e-ink screens. For fans of drawing tablets and digital artwork, the new tablets have a lot to offer. They’re also surprisingly affordable, with options starting at just $200.

Each option offers something a little bit different, and it should mean there’s something for everyone here as long as you’re looking for a high-end device. The new e-readers are especially noteworthy thanks to their stunning paper display and some cool high-tech features to play around with. The three devices are the Onyx BOOX Tab Ultra at $599.99, the Nova Air2 at $339.99, and the Leaf2 at $199.99. 

All three e-readers are available now at the Onyx online store.

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Why We’re Excited About the Onyx BOOX E Ink Tablets

While each of these devices offers something a little bit different, it’s hard not to be smitten by the displays on all of them. Let’s dive into the most expensive and impressive of the three devices first with the Tab Ultra. This e-reader features “BOOX Super Refresh Technology” for a far smoother experience on the 10.3″ screen. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Octa-core CPU.

It also has a 16MP rear camera which allows you to scan in documents to read on the go, which makes it excellent for business bits, and also allows for OCR function too. It could be a great device for those who end up flicking through a lot of documents, but also want to be able to read on the go as well.

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The Nova Air 2 is a 7.8″ e-reader and note-taking device. This thing runs on Android 11 OS, has a powerful CPU for better performance, and looks beautiful. Some of the most exciting features are the fact that you can use TTS services with your e-reader thanks to built-in speakers, perfect for when you’re doing something else but still want the story, and also allows you to take notes as you go, making it great for studying too.

Then we’ve got the Leaf2, which has a 300 dpi screen for high-definition reading, allows you to highlight or annotate specific sentences and share them. It also has a G-sensor which means it’ll auto-rotate if you decide to switch between portrait and landscape, and it can sync up with your smartphone as well.


Onyx BOOX E Ink Tablets Pricing And Availability

As we said above each of these devices has a different price point. The Onyx BOOX Tab Ultra sits at $599.99, the Nova Air2 is at $339.99, and the Leaf2 is at $199.99. While these are a little pricier than some basic e-readers, the extra features they bring make it worth it for people who will use them a lot. If you’re looking to get your hands on one, you can now pre-order them on the official Onyx BOOX website.

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Courtesy of Onyx



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